Popular Welsh names for girls and boys

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921 Winn Welsh Handsome. M
922 Winnie Welsh Diminutive of Winifred: Blessed reconciliation. F
923 Winnifred Welsh White wave. Also a variant of Winifred: Blessed reconciliation. F
924 Wmffre Welsh Welsh form of Humphrey 'friend of the Huns'. M
925 Wren Welsh Ruler. M
926 Wyn Welsh Fair. F
927 Wyn Welsh Handsome. M
928 Wynn Welsh White; fair; handsome. M
929 Wynne Welsh Feminine form of Wynn: White; fair; handsome. F

930 Wynnifred Welsh White wave. F
931 Yale Welsh Heights; upland. M
932 Yorath Welsh Worthy lord. M
933 Ysbail Welsh Spoiled. F
934 Ysberin Welsh Legendary son of Fflergant. M
935 Ysgawyn Welsh Legendary son of Panon. M
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