Popular Anglo-Saxon names for girls and boys

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1 Aart Anglo-Saxon Like an eagle. M
2 Abeodan Anglo-Saxon Announce. M
3 Ablendan Anglo-Saxon Blind. M
4 Abrecan Anglo-Saxon Storm. M
5 Acca Anglo-Saxon From Acca. F
6 Ace Anglo-Saxon Unity. M
7 Acennan Anglo-Saxon Brings. M
8 Acey Anglo-Saxon Unity. M
9 Acwel Anglo-Saxon Kills. M

10 Acwellen Anglo-Saxon Kills. M
11 Adamnan Anglo-Saxon Name of an abbot. M
12 Aedre Anglo-Saxon Stream. F
13 Aefentid Anglo-Saxon Evening. F
14 Aefre Anglo-Saxon Forever. F
15 Aelle Anglo-Saxon Name of several kings. M
16 Aerlene Anglo-Saxon Elfin. F
17 Aethelbald Anglo-Saxon A king of Mercia. M
18 Aethelbert Anglo-Saxon Name of a king. M
19 Aethelflaed Anglo-Saxon Sister of King Edward. F
20 Aethelfrith Anglo-Saxon Name of a king. M
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