Popular Sikh names for girls and boys

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# Name Origin Meaning Save

1 Aad Sikh In the beginning F
2 Aadh Sikh Half F
3 Aagya Sikh Permission F
4 Aagyakar Sikh Obedient M
5 Aagyapal Sikh One who maintains obedience M
6 Aakar Sikh Shape, to form, to materialize M
7 Aanand Sikh Joy or bliss M
8 Aaradh Sikh Deep rapturous love, adoration M
9 Aasa Sikh Hope F

10 Aasha Sikh Hope F
11 Aashish Sikh Blessing M
12 Aatma Sikh Soul, light of the lord M
13 Aavai Sikh Arrive, to come M
14 Ab Sikh Now F
15 Abahijeevan Sikh Fearless life M
16 Abh Sikh Now F
17 Abhaidev Sikh Free of fear M
18 Abhaijeet Sikh Victory over fear M
19 Abhijeet Sikh Victorious M
20 Abhinav Sikh Novel M
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