Popular Welsh names for girls and boys

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1 Ab Owen Welsh Son of Owen. M
2 Aberthol Welsh Sacrifice. M
3 Adda Welsh Welsh form of Adam 'of the red earth'. M
4 Addolgar Welsh Devout. M
5 Adwr Welsh Coward. M
6 Aedd Welsh A king of Ireland. M
7 Alawn Welsh Harmony. M
8 Albanwr Welsh From Scotland. M
9 Aled Welsh Offspring. M

10 Alun Welsh From the Celtic Alan meaning harmony, stone, or noble. M
11 Alwin Welsh From Alwyn. M
12 Alwyn Welsh From Alwyn. M
13 Amathaon Welsh Legendary son of Don. M
14 Amerawdwr Welsh Emperor. M
15 Amhar Welsh Legendary son of Arthur. M
16 Amlawdd Welsh Legendary father of Goieuddydd. M
17 Amren Welsh Legendary son of Bedwyr. M
18 Amynedd Welsh Patient. M
19 Amyneddgar Welsh Patient. M
20 Anarawd Welsh Legendary father of Iddig. M
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