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1 Kaam Sikh Effort, work, sexual desire M
2 Kaamil Muslim Variant of Kamil: Complete. Perfect.. M
3 Kaarl Finnish Strong. M
4 Kaarle Finnish Strong. M
5 Kaarle French Strong and masculine. M
6 Kaarlo Finnish Strong. M
7 Kaarlo French Strong and masculine. M
8 Kaashif Muslim Variant of Kashif: Revealing. Discoverer.. M
9 Kaazim Muslim Variant of Kazim: Restrainer. Controller of anger.. M

10 Kabandha Indian Ugly giant. M
11 Kabhoo Sikh Never M
12 Kabzeel Biblical The congregation of God. M
13 Kacey English Form of the Irish name Casey; also a creation based on the initials K. C. M
14 Kachada NativeAmerican White man (Hopi). M
15 Kadar Arabic Strong. M
16 Kade Gaelic From the wetlands. M
17 Kade Scottish From the wetlands. M
18 Kaden Arabic Companion. M
19 Kadesh Biblical Holiness. M
20 Kadesh-barnea Biblical Holiness of an inconstant son M
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