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1 Vachan Sikh Give word, promise M
2 Vachel French Little cow. M
3 Vaclar Slavic Wreath of glory. M
4 Vaddon Welsh From Bath. M
5 Vadin Hindi Speaker. M
6 Vaibhav Sikh Riches M
7 Vail English Lives in the valley. M
8 Vail French From the vale. M
9 Vaive atoish NativeAmerican Alights on the cloud (Cheyenne). M

10 Vaiveahtoish NativeAmerican Alights on the cloud (Cheyenne). M
11 Vajezatha Biblical Sprinkling the chamber. M
12 Val English Strong. Variant of Valentinus; the name of more than 50 saints and three Roman emperors. M
13 Val Latin Valiant. Also a diminutive of Valentine: Strong; healthy. M
14 Val Persian High hill. M
15 Valbotg Swedish Powerful mountain. M
16 Valdemar German Famous ruler. M
17 Valdemar Swedish Powerful. M
18 Valdemarr German Famous ruler. M
19 Valdis Teutonic Spirited in war. M
20 Valdo German Variant of Waldo: Powerful; ruler. Famous Bearer: philosopher Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803-1832). Abbreviation of Oswald. M
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