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1 R'phael Hebrew God's healer. M
2 Ra Egyptian The sun. M
3 Ra'ed Muslim Leader.. M
4 Ra'ees Muslim Variant of Ra'is: Head. Chief.. M
5 Ra'id Arabic Leader. M
6 Ra'is Muslim Head. Chief.. M
7 Raaghib Muslim Variant of Raghib: Desirous. Willing.. M
8 Raahat Muslim Variant of Rahat: Rest. Repose.. M
9 Raaj Sikh Rule, power, kingdom M

10 Raajih Muslim Variant of Rajih: Respondent.. M
11 Raakin Muslim Variant of Rakin: Respectful.. M
12 Raam Sikh Lord ram M
13 Raam/ram Sikh God M
14 Raamah Biblical Greatness; thunder; some sort of evil M
15 Raamiah Biblical Thunder, or evil, from the Lord. M
16 Raamiz Muslim Variant of Ramiz: Symbol.. M
17 Raanan Hebrew Fresh. M
18 Raaqeem Muslim Variant of Raqim: Writer. Recorder.. M
19 Raaqim Muslim Variant of Raqim: Writer. Recorder.. M
20 Raasikh Muslim Deep-rooted. Stable.. M
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