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1 Haak Sikh Honest,pervading, orderly F
2 Haala Muslim Variant of Hala: Lunar halo. Glory.. F
3 Haast Sikh Elephant F
4 Habazinaiah Biblical A hiding of the shield of the Lord. F
5 Habeeba Muslim Variant of Habiba: Beloved. Sweetheart. Darling.. F
6 Habiba Muslim Beloved. Sweetheart. Darling.. F
7 Habibah Egyptian Loved. F
8 Habibah Muslim Variant of Habiba: Beloved. Sweetheart. Darling.. F
9 Habor Biblical A partaker, a companion. F

10 Hachilah Biblical My hope is in her F
11 Hadadrimmon Biblical Invocation to the god Rimmon. F
12 Hadar Hebrew Spectacular ornament. F
13 Hadara Hebrew Spectacular ornament. Adorned with beauty. F
14 Hadarah Hebrew Adorned with beauty. F
15 Hadashah Biblical News, a month. F
16 Hadassah Biblical A myrtle, joy. F
17 Hadassah Hebrew Myrtle tree. Also the biblical Persian Queen Esther's Hebrew name. F
18 Hadassah Persian Myrtle or bride. F
19 Hadid Biblical Rejoicing, sharp. F
20 Hadiya African Gift (Swahili). F
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