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1 Wabiba Muslim Variant of Wahibah: Giver. Donor.. F
2 Wadha Sikh Big F
3 Wafa Sikh Faithful F
4 Wafa' Muslim Faithfulness.. F
5 Wafeeqah Muslim Variant of Wafiqah: Successful.. F
6 Wafiqah Muslim Successful.. F
7 Wafiyyah Muslim Loyal. Faithful.. F
8 Waheeda Muslim Variant of Wahidah: Sole. Single.. F
9 Waheefa Muslim Variant of Wahifa: Servant. Lady-in-waiting.. F

10 Wahibah Muslim Giver. Donor.. F
11 Wahida Muslim Variant of Wahidah: Sole. Single.. F
12 Wahidah Muslim Sole. Single.. F
13 Wahifa Muslim Servant. Lady-in-waiting.. F
14 Wajihah Muslim Eminent. Distinguished.. F
15 Waki NativeAmerican Shelter (Hopi). F
16 Walborgd German Protecting ruler. F
17 Walburga German Power; protection. F
18 Walburga Teutonic Strong defender. F
19 Walburgha Teutonic Strong defender. F
20 Walda German Ruler. F
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