Popular Swedish names for girls and boys

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1 Adolph Swedish Noble wolf. M
2 Adolphus Swedish Noble wolf. M
3 Ake Swedish Ancient. M
4 Alberik Swedish Blond ruler. M
5 Albert Swedish Strong as a bear. M
6 Alexander Swedish Defender of man. M
7 Alf Swedish Wise. M
8 Alfons Swedish Noble or ready. M
9 Alfonso Swedish Noble or ready. M

10 Alfred Swedish Wise. M
11 Alrik Swedish All ruler. M
12 Alvar Swedish Dwarf shrub. M
13 Am Swedish Eagle. M
14 Ambrosius Swedish Divine. M
15 Ame Swedish Eagle. M
16 Amold Swedish Eagle. M
17 Andenon Swedish Son of Ander. M
18 Anders Swedish Strong. M
19 Andreas Swedish Strong. M
20 Ansgar Swedish Warrior. M
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